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About LaGuardia & Associates:

LaGuardia & Associates Entertainment and Productions, LLC is an entertainment consultant company engaged in the production of live entertainment for the past 20 years.

Our client list is comprised of corporations, hotels, municipalities, counties, universities and organizations throughout the country. The company provides entertainment services for over 50 municipalities and counties in the State of New Jersey.

Our entertainers range from, but not limited to, a piano player to a jazz quartet to a big band to some of the best known entertainment in the business.

The Company utilizes the expertise of the principals in blending a perfect balance between hospitality, corporate, government and entertainment.


Jerry LaGuardia:
Mr. LaGuardia has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. As an accomplished pianist, writer, arranger and conductor, he traveled throughout the country appearing in all the major venues. For the past 35 years, he has been providing entertainment consultant services.

John Alati: Mr. Alati has over 25 years experience in the government and corporate world. Operating his own public relations/lobby firm, he represented some of the major companies in the tri-state area. Twenty years ago, he joined with Mr. LaGuardia in providing entertainment consultant services.

LaGuardia & Associates utilizes the expertise of the principals in blending a
perfect balance between Corporate, Government and Entertainment.

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